UPRT Conference invited all associated with UPRT Instruction to develop standardisation of this important training at Caboolture Airfield on the 1st August 2022. Videos of the event are below.

UPRT remains unregulated and not mandatory training despite Loss of Control Inflight (LOCi) remaining the largest contributor to loss of life and hull

Many experienced aviators have identified the importance of the training and have developed their own program to provide pilots with the awareness and skills to combat LOCi

This conference is a “meeting of the minds” of providers and the aviation industry drivers to enhance and develop the ways of improving UPRT.

Discussion Points

  • Dissecting ICAO Document 10011 for use in GA and Recreational Flying
  • What is effective UPRT for each sector of General Aviation? (5700Kg-1500Kg, 1500Kg-600Kg, Less than 600Kg, Warbirds Vs Microlights)
  • Define common components that should create the baseline of an effective UPRT Program
  • What are acceptable competency levels expected of a pilot graduating UPRT
  • What is the general attitude of GA and RA pilots with respect to "needing" UPRT?
  • What are the standards of pilots presenting themselves before commencing UPRT
  • How can we make the “On Aircraft training” more attractive to the corporate and individual sectors?
  • Why are regulators hesitant to mandate UPRT?
  • Is it beneficial to mandate UPRT at the identified danger point of 100Hrs total time?
  • Should there be mandated Recurrent UPRT?
  • Where can UPRT components be introduced into the current syllabus?

Keynote Speakers

Rich Stowell

Rich Stowell took his first flying lesson in 1982 and earned his Private license in early 1984. He began his career as a full-time instructor in 1987. In February 2001, Stowell was designated the country’s first Master CFI-Aerobatics and has served on the Master Instructors LLC Board of Review for Master CFI-Aerobatic applicants ever since. He is also the 2014 National FAA Safety Team Rep of the Year, the 2006 National Flight Instructor of the Year and Charter Member of SAFE.

Rich Stowell

Patty Wagstaff

3 Time US National Aerobatic Champion | 6 Time Member US Aerobatic Team | Gold, Silver, Bronze Medal Winner in International Aerobatic Competition | Inductee, National Aviation Hall of Fame

Patty Wagstaff